Year 2: Fresh Air Friday

We had a brilliant time this afternoon. We made story sticks to retell the story of Rama and Sita. We were only allowed to use natural objects found on the floor and string.  Mrs Williams and Mrs Probin were very impressed with our knot tying skills!DE936085-321F-43C3-B396-93951D4BD565.jpeB17B0E6D-C2CC-4E78-BC17-3BABC4F7B2A7.jpeDA8D350C-AFFD-41AE-8B91-E49A96D15865.jpe98D7901C-8868-4A34-990B-E1D5D695D24F.jpe931DBC7D-B2D9-4A62-83C0-E0A400239135.jpe9C9651C3-F69F-4159-8C39-7DA0FDB3DCD0.jpe