Year 2: Bright Lights, Big City! Continued

Bore da pawb,
Bore Da pawb!
It was lovely to see some of you last week and thank you all for the lovely work that you have been doing on this topic. This week we are continuing with the theme Bright Lights, Big City!  Choose another activity from each area to complete this week. I hope that you continue to enjoy it this week.
BBC Bitesize has some lovely resources all about towns and cities so have a look here if you fancy finding out a bit more. There are also some additional games and activities that you can have a go at if you want to 

Maths- I would like everyone to have a go at the calculations on this page please. 
Hwb- There is still a coding activity on Hwb for you to try. To access it either follow the link on Google Classroom or log onto Hwb, open Just2Easy, open my files,  shared files, Year 2 19-20, open Bright Lights! Big City! Make sure you save it before doing any editing please. 
Can you move the sprite from their house to a supermarket? Can you add another spite (character) and direct them around the scene?
Purple Mash- have a look at the activities for you to try 
Have a good start to the week 🙂 
Mrs Williams