Year 2: Bounce Learning Menu

Bore da pawb.
I hope that you are enjoying this weeks theme. Don’t forget that by the end of the week you should have completed at least 4 pieces of work (one from each section of the menu). If you are doing work on paper or in your busy books then I would really appreciate a quick photo uploaded to Google Classroom so that I can see what you’ve been doing. This can be done on any phone/tablet or laptop. Just choose to add a new file to the assignment and you can upload it. If you are doing it on a phone or tablet then you should be able to ‘add attachment’ then select a photograph (see photos below).
If you’re doing in from a computer then you will need to insert the picture into a document. 
Keep working hard Year 2!
Remember that you can contact me on Google Classroom or by ringing or emailing the school if you need me. I don’t promise to reply straight away but I will get back to you 🙂 
Mrs Williams