Year 2: Amazing PE

AD712B42-5B70-457E-A6B4-108282BF1361.jpeg1E551216-4F54-4123-82D1-F5D6C8D63B4A.jpeg2CC65206-72A0-45B2-B887-881316B18B5F.jpeg718850BA-2E69-4CD4-A97C-FFE69704A50B.jpegA5F14AB4-BA49-4142-9912-B39F5491A4AD.jpegF2D5A5FA-722A-4A82-8A4F-A5BA9AB13644.jpegIn the words of Year 2, this morning we had the best PE ever! 
Working with Liam the sports development officer he kindly brought us a giant inflatable ball for our lesson today. We had lots of fun playing toilet tag (similar to stuck in the mud) and then we became train tracks and had to roll the ball around the hall using our bodies.
It was so much fun! 
Some of the words the children have used to describe this lesson are, fabulous, amazing, 10/10, awesome, fun, the best and exhausting!
#Healthy, confident individuals