Year 1: Weekly Update

Well what a busy week we have had! We even got to finish the week off with a marble in the jar. 
In Year 1 this week, we have been learning some of our Super Power Words. We have been reading and writing them and trying hard to form them correctly. During maths we have been writing and ordering our numbers. To continue our topic of Our Local Area, we have been drawing maps of our routes to school and I must say they were fantastic! We enjoyed PE today where we played listening games. We also discussed how the most important part of PE is having fun and taking part. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose.
This week we have spent time discussing why it is important to be kind friends and how we can look after each other in Year 1. We now know what to do if we feel worried or sad about something (come and have a chit chat with the adults).  We also now know that if we are missing someone special who is at home, we can send them a special magic hug (by hugging ourselves) and that you will all receive them wherever you are. The children loved sending you all hugs today and we hope you received them!  
The children have come home today with alphabet/phonic sounds and Super Power Words. These are for you to keep at home as an ongoing practise to help the children recognise and write them so that we are working together. We thank you for your support. 
Next week, we are going to be continuing with our phonics sounds. We are going to be counting in maths and continuing to work on number formation. Whilst in art, we are going to be mixing autumn colours to paint some leaves. During RE, we will be discussing trust and who we trust to help look after us.
We hope you have a lovely weekend.
Miss Hughes, Mrs Williams and Mrs Hughes