Year 1: Weekly Update

We have had a great week in Year 1. We turned into Animal Kingdom Investigators and our classroom became Animal Headquarters!
We have had lots of fun learning about all different kinds of animals. We investigated where they live and how a penguin is born. Then we researched our own questions and we found out how heavy some animals are and how tall they are. 
We also investigated plastic pollution and we looked at the causes of it and ways we can stop this. One of the children actually pointed out that we use plastic straws in our milk at snack time so to do our bit for the planet, we decided not to use straws for our milk today. We may even make this a long term plan!
Next week we will be finishing off our topic of Autumn. We plan to go around our playground looking for signs of Autumn. We will be making Autumn pictures and learning about animals that hibernate. 
Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Hughes