Year 1: Weekly Roundup

Another fantastic week in Year 1!

This week we have learnt lots! We’ve discovered the new phonic sounds ‘qu’ that you find in queen 👸🏼 and ‘ng’ that you find in ring 💍. We have also been working hard in maths learning about doubling numbers as well as adding 2 to double digit numbers.


Following on from our Jungle layers lesson, we have been taking a second look at the Jungle animals and the features they possess. We talked about how they might differ from one another and why these features might be important. We then drew our own animals and labelled them with some of the features they had. We discovered many different features and learnt some fantastic new words we could use to label our animals. One of our favourite animals was the lizard 🦎 that looked exactly like the tree branch he was on. This was called ‘camouflage’.  We also liked the bright red tree frog 🐸 which we knew was ‘poisonous’ due to its bright colour. We weren’t particularly keen on the “creepy looking” 🦇 bat! However, we did discover that he was ‘nocturnal’ and had really big ears 👂🏼 which helped him find his way in the dark.

We have also made an excellent start to creating our very own Jungle wall! We have done a great job making trees and bushes using corrugated card and other various coloured craft paper. We have added the four Jungle layers ready for next week when we can use our newly acquired knowledge to add some animals! We’ll be sure to discuss which animals we are going to paint and which layer they might live in before pinning them up. Pictures to follow next week!


We finished off the week in our outdoor learning area where we had lots of fun digging, making mud pies in the mud kitchen and exploring. However, I definitely think our favourite activity is using the rope swinging!


Well done everyone! Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

Mr Hall and Mrs Cheetham 🦁🐯