Year 1: Weekly round up!

This week we have been designing our own holiday Islands and labelling all of the various features. There were many ‘Bunny Islands’ and Volcano’s that made an appearance but it was lovely to see the children’s creativity and ideas. We have also had a game of I-Spy in Maths that allowed us to add up the number of two different items to get a total. The children have all tried really hard this week and I’m very proud of them! Today, after a quick wave to Chase and Sky who took a break from their Paw Patrol missions to visit Reception and Nursery, we rounded of the week in our forest school area. The weather was perfect for exploring and enjoying the new tree swing that’s been installed. Next week is the Year 1 school trip on Tuesday which I’m sure the children are very excited about. Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Hall and Mrs Cheetham