Year 1: Weekly round up

Another fun filled week here in Year 1! This week we have been busy making a very special card to give out to our Mum’s this Sunday. We all worked really hard on the design to make sure they looked amazing. We also took our time on the writing, making make sure our letters were on the line and that we used our finger spaces. I’m sure mums will love them! Don’t worry Dad’s, yours are in the pipeline for June.
We also finished off writing our instructions on how to plant a magic bean using both ‘time’ and ‘bossy’ words. This was a tricky task as there was lots of writing to do. Many of the children had to really concentrate to make sure the words they used matched the pictures and fitted the sentence. We also began work on creating a wanted poster for either Jack or the Giant. We had to think about what we might write on a wanted poster. We decided we needed to use adjectives to describe the Giant or Jack so that people would know what to look for.
In Maths we have been looking at time. More specifically at both o’clock and half past times. We quickly understood the o’clock times as it was easy to see which number the hour hand pointed at. However, we found the half past a little bit trickier to start with. We practice them as a class and soon got the hang of it.
We enjoyed our PE session with Liam where we all became Pirates! We had to scrub the decks, walk the plank and even dodge incoming cannon balls! to finish the week, we had a fantastic time at Fresh air Friday. We enjoyed exploring the areas and have discovered how to make a water track using some drainpipes. It was so much fun watching the water flow all the way to the end. 
Next week, we have all the fun of World book day which is on Monday. Children are welcome to come dressed as their favourite book character. If they have a copy of their favourite book, they can bring this with them as well. If any of the children prefer not to dress up, they can still come dressed in their own clothes. We also have Red Nose Day on Friday where children are welcome to come to school dressed in red if they wish and donate £1 for this worthy cause. You can donate money in school or on Parent Pay.
Have a lovely weekend Year 1!
Mr Hall and Ms Scott