Year 1: Weekly round up

Another busy week here in Year 1! This week we have been trying to find Superworm. As you know, Wizard Lizard and his Crow had taken him away from his friends. So, we made a ‘Missing’ poster to try and help find him. We examined all the important parts of the poster such as the description, a good quality picture as well as a reward for finding him and who to contact. Everyone worked really hard on this and produced an excellent poster. I’m sure the children of Year 1 will find him without any issue. Da iawn!
In Phonics we have been examining the two sounds ‘oo’ make. There’s the short sound that you find in ‘hood’ and ‘wood’ and the long sound you find in ‘zoo’ and ‘food’. In Maths we started working on position and direction. We had to carefully listen to instructions, then try to position some different bakery goods on a baker’s shelf. For example, we needed to draw an ‘extra loaf of bread on the top shelf’ then draw ‘two donuts next to the cake stand on the middle shelf’. We found this a little tricky at first, but we soon got the hang of it. We will be finishing this piece of work next week.
In PE, we enjoyed playing a game of Rock, paper, scissors extreme! The aim of the game was to hop to the other side of a row of hoops, but in order to do so, you had to beat your opponent in rock, paper, scissors. We all had lots of fun playing this game!
After making our fab posters, we tried to find Superworm and his friends during Tree Top Thursday. We found lots of creatures and made sure we put them back somewhere safe. Some of us had the lovely idea of putting them in our bug hotel where they would be happy and safe and away from Wizard Lizard!
Next week we will be finishing off our Superhero’s topic and getting ready for the Christmas glitter and glue to come out! I’ve heard we get a special ‘Elf’ visitor here in Year 1 over Christmas….. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Have a lovely weekend Year 1! Keep on smiling and we will see you all again on Monday.
Mr Hall and Miss Scott.