Year 1: Weekly Overview

Bore da, I hope you all had a great weekend and managed to get a rest after all of your hard work last week.
This week we will be continuing our new topic of The Jungle and Rainforests. For writing, we are going to be researching jungles this week and writing down the facts we find out. We will also be using our writing skills to complete our ‘God’s Wonderful World: Mission 2’ which involves us thinking of ideas/rules about how to look after God’s Wonderful World. We will be working on our Super Power Words again this week but this time we will be putting them into sentences. 
For art, you will be designing your own jungle explorer outfit but you need to consider what is suitable clothing for the jungle and what colours will you choose? We will also be mixing art with welsh when we try to learn the names of jungle animals in Welsh. We will then be drawing the animals before labelling them. 
We will also get the chance to listen to each other and share our own experiences of seeing jungle animals whether that be at the zoo, at a safari park or even on the tele! 
In maths, we will be continuing to look at 2D shapes and using these to look at and complete repeating patterns. You have done so well with them last week and I would like us to try and expand our knowledge by looking at other 2D shapes such as the pentagon, hexagon and octagon. 
We look forward to another busy week working with you all.
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams.