Year 1: Weekly Overview and Homework

We’ve had a lovely week this week. We have been estimating in maths and today we estimated how many magic beans the giant could fit in his hand. We have written great character descriptions of the giant and worked hard on our sentences so a huge well done for that Year 1!  Next week we will be preparing for Easter. We have lovely Easter craft activities planned and we will be learning the Easter Story too.
Just a reminder it is Muddy Monday on Monday so please remember your wellies and waterproofs if you wish. Also please remember to bring back your book bags too. If they are late we will be unable to change them. Homework is again learning our super power words. The children have been great at starting to include them in their writing so we are powering on with these. Also, we have decided on a little challenge this week everyone needs to read at least once. If you can read your book more than once that would be even better! I wonder how many of you will take on the challenge? 
Have a lovely weekend.
Thank you 
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