Year 1: Weekly Overview

This week we have been writing postcards pretending to be on holiday. We had to create our own picture at the front and stick on our own stamp. Yesterday, we took part in a science investigation involving sinking and floating objects. We had to predict which would sink and which would float before we put them into the water. We have been learning about money this week and we have been playing a piggy bank game on TopMark’s if anyone would like to play it over the weekend. The children have really enjoyed it. 
Please remember we will be having our last Muddy Monday of Year 1 on Monday so come dressed appropriately for it. 
Also, book bags did not come home this week as we are keeping them ready for Year 2 however, there are still quite a few outstanding. Please could you send them in on Monday so we have them altogether safe over the summer holidays. 
Have a lovely weekend
Miss Hughes