Year 1: Wednesday 24th June


I hope you are enjoying the weather now we have the warm sunshine back with us! 

Activities this week are:

  1.  Using the flashcards of minibeasts in welsh try to write two sentences.
    Dwi’n hoffi ……. (I like……) and Dwi’n ddim yn hoffi…… (I don’t like….) 
  2.  Play the game Top Trump Minibeasts. You can print the examples out or you can create your own cards to battle for minibeasts. If you search google there are many examples. 
  3.  Get creative! Make a minibeast out of anything you like. It could be paper plates and cups or even the very highly treasured ‘junk’ items. You can decide what you make, how you make it and with what.
  4.  Think of something that has made you happy this week. Share it with someone! 
Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams