Year 1: Wednesday 1st July

Morning hope you are all well.
Activities for the rest of the week are:
  1. Create a top trump style card for your made up minibeast (Monday’s activity on Purple Mash). Include things such as wings, legs, eyes, speed, hunting ability etc.
  2.  Continuing our work on odd and even numbers. Read the Power Point about Mr Odd and Mrs Even. Then complete the activity using the poems from the Power Point to help you. 
  3. On YouTube search for Just Dance 2014 I like to move it. Have a little dance and get your bodies moving and exercising.
  4.  Do something kind or helpful for someone. You could draw a picture for someone that you could post on our google classroom for them, write a letter or note to someone or help tidy up.
Have a lovely weekend
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams