Year 1: Wednesday 15th July

Bore da! Hope you are all ok. 
So here is our last update of activities for home learning. You have handled the change over to home learning brilliantly and we are so proud of you all. You have still put the same effort into home learning as we would expect in class and you have worked your socks off! We want to say a big thank you for trying your best. 
Now since Monday you have been estimating how many marbles we had in our jar and I will reveal the answer tomorrow so if you haven’t yet estimated, today is your last chance. However, because it was nearly full, myself and Mrs Williams have decided that you deserve our pyjama party treat!
So your final activities for this week are:
  1. Create a party invitation for a teddy bear or a member of your family to attend your pyjama party. Remember the location will be your house!
  2. To practise coins one last time “buy” a treat from your grown up for the pyjama party. Will you buy an orange, some crisps or maybe some sweets?  (Adults please don’t go and buy anything special. The idea is that the children will pay to receive their treat using their knowledge of coins and could even try to give change). 
  3. Have our pyjama party. Feel free to use google classroom to share photos of your pyjama party with your friends. 
  4. To keep fit and healthy, we can have a good dance at our pyjama party.
Thank you once again for all of your hard work, and thank you to the grown ups for helping to support the learning and working with us during this unpredictable time. It is much appreciated! 
 I hope you all have a lovely summer with lots of fun and sunshine! (You most certainly deserve it.)
Stay safe.
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams.