Year 1: Tuesday 29th March

We have had a great start to the week. This is what we are learning this week:
Worship: Each morning we will be talking about how we can care for our planet. We will think of little things each person could do that would make a bug difference to our world.
Welsh and BSL: This week we will be practising our colours in Welsh and British Sign Language. We will sing the rainbow song in Welsh and learn how to sign the True Colours song.
Phonics: Our focus this week is the ‘or’ digraph. We will practise using this sound each morning during phonics and guided reading time.
Maths: We will be learning about tens and units. We will start by using a ‘ten tower’ and 1s to make teen numbers. Then we will be making numbers up to 100 using the blocks and towers.
Themau: We are continuing our work on fairytales. They have been doing some impressive recounts of the three little pigs story Andy we have also been setting some traps to see if we have elves in school like the one star from the Elves and the Shoemaker. Thank you to the pupil who brought this book in from home. We read it outside and all really enjoyed it!
😊 If you have not yet returned your reading book and diary, please do so tomorrow.
😊 PE on Wednesday 
😊 Suitable clothes for Fresh-air Friday please
😊 Easter Egg Competition (see previous website post)
Thank you for your continued support and always ensuring your children arrive to school on time,
Miss Harper