Year 1: Topic Launch

Today in Year 1 we launched our Topic ‘Autumn and the Local Area’. After break time we came in to discover a surprise basket that Percy the Park Keeper had left us along with a letter. The letter said he and his animal friends had been busy harvesting lots of different vegetables and had left us some to have a look at! He also wanted to find out about the Ruabon and what sort of things we have here. I’m sure we’ll answer all of Percy’s questions in the coming weeks!  

We sat around the carpet to examine each the veggies Percy had left us. We tried to name as many as we could but there were a one or two we’d not heard of before such as an aubergine. I was pleased to see however that there were many we knew really well like the carrots and tomatoes. We passed them round and all got to have a hold, squeeze and smell of each one. Some felt really smooth, others felt a bit bumpy. Some of them felt a bit soft and squishy whilst others felt really hard! There were one or two that had a pretty distinctive smell such as the leaks and onions! Pee Yew! The children really enjoyed having a look at all the different veggies, maybe they might try a few more next time they’re on offer!