Year 1: Topic Launch – Superheros!

What an exciting morning we’ve had here in Year 1! After our class worship we discovered that Dewi, our Helpwr heddiw dragon, had gone missing! In his place was a message saying Help!! I am stuck! I need a Superhero to help me!! Where could he have gone and what could have happened?

Year 1 looked everywhere for him but he was nowhere to be found. Eventually, after a good long search we found that he had got himself stuck up high in a tree. We talked about how he had got himself up there. We thought that maybe he had crash landed or that perhaps a super villain had caught him and put him there…. we weren’t sure. We then thought about what Superpowers we could use to get him down safely. The children came up with some lovely ideas. We had already heard the story ‘Superworm’ which gave us some clues of what powers we could do. We thought of super stretching, super climbing and even super flying to name a few. We were glad to get Dewi back safely.

When we came back in Year 1 wrote a short recount and drew a picture of what had happened and which Superpower they would use to rescue him. Da iawn Year 1!