Year 1: Topic Launch!

Last week Year 1 began our brand new topic…… Jungle!

At the beginning of last week we got some very exciting news! We were going to be receiving a video message from a real life Jungle Explorer! But before we did, we first had to think about the Jungle and what things we would like to know.

We had a big class discussion and thought it would be a good idea to ask about things that might be different in the jungle compared to here in Ruabon. The children had some interesting ideas! Some asked about the weather and how it was cold here but it might be hot in the Jungle. Some asked about how many and how big the trees are in the Jungle. One or two children even wondered how you would survive in the Jungle because there aren’t any shops to buy things from….. However, the most popular topic of conversation was all about the different types of animals there are! So, following our discussion, we all had a go at writing a question which we could ask our Jungle Explorer. Mr Hall sent them all off and waited for our message to come back!

Well today was the day! Year 1 received our exciting video message and we couldn’t wait to see it! In fact I’d go as far to say I’ve never seen our Year 1 children sit so quietly with enthusiastic looks upon their faces. They were all eager to hear the answers to their questions. We all loved hearing all about the Jungle and want to say a big thank you to our Jungle Explorer for taking the time to send in the video.

Later this week we will be writing about something we have learnt, found interesting or was our favourite part from our video message. Mr Hall thought it was interesting that trousers were worn rather than shorts! Even in those hot and sticky conditions. This was to stop insects from biting you on your legs! Perhaps Year 1 would like to tell you which was their favourite part of the message. We will have a recap and discuss some different parts of the video before we begin our writing task.

Da iawn pawb!