Year 1: Save Superworm!!!

Today was the day we had to save Superworm from Wizard Lizard who had trapped him and his friends in the ice! But how would we do it? We had four different substances to test out. We had some salt, sugar, oil and some baking powder. First, we all had to predict which we thought would be the quickest to melt the ice and which would be the slowest. Lots of us thought oil would be the quickest but there was only one way to find out! Then, we conducted the experiment. All at the same time, we sprinkled or poured the different materials over the ice cubes and watched with great anticipation! As it turns out Salt was the quickest to melt the ice and free Superworm! Oil was the second fastest so that wasn’t a bad prediction. Sugar was the slowest which surprised us as it looks a lot like salt. Well done pawb, you all did brilliantly.