Year 1: Reading, writing and speaking

*My guided reading group helped me with this post.
We are having fun in literacy this morning.
MH: What is our phonics focus this week.
P: ‘oo’ and ‘oo’ (long and short)
MH: What can you tell me about these sounds?
P: ‘oo’ and ‘oo’ may look alike but they don’t sound the same (sang the song as their answer). 
MH: What do you enjoy about phonics?
P: We learn lots.
P: I like trying to read the words.
P: We learn with songs.
MH: Why is reading important?
P: We need to learn our letters to read.
P: because it makes me happy.
MH: Do you think any of our learning dragons like to read?
P: I think the blue one (#EIC) because he likes to learn and has a book.
P: I think the purple one (#ACL) because she likes school and learning.
P: The pink one (#ECC) because he has a good imagination.
P: The green one too (#HCI) because he is happy!