Year 1: Phonics ‘ng’ and PE

Today we’ve been learning the ‘ng’ digraph during our Phonics lesson. We completed an ‘ng’ booklet and had to draw something containing the ‘ng’ digraph. Many of us drew a cheeky face with a ‘tongue’ sticking out! Some of us drew some ‘rings’ but my favourite was the ‘King’ who had ‘wings’ and was ‘singing’!!! #EnterprisingCreativeContributors

Sadly, the weather was to soggy and wet for outdoor PE today. So, instead we did some Jungle Yoga with Cosmic Kids, some relaxing meditation and finished with one of my favourite games, the colour game! Hopefully the weather will be better on Friday for our fresh air treat up in out outdoor learning area. #HealthyConfidentIndividuals

Well done everyone for working so hard.