Year 1: Phonics and Maths

We have all been working really hard to day learning a new phonics sound. Today we have been looking at the digraph ‘qu’ and thinking about all the word that have this sound. We wondered why we found ourselves looking at a picture of a duck…. Duck doesn’t have the ‘qu’ sound. Then we remembered that ducks go “quack”!!! Which does have the ‘qu’ sound. We also discovered that Queen, squid and quilt all have the ‘qu’ sound as well.

We have also been learning about doubling numbers in Maths. We looked at numbers from 1+1=2 up to 5+5=10. We also briefly touched upon how this is the same as the 2 time table but we will save that for another day.

Well done everyone for working so hard!

Mr Hall and Mrs Cheetham