Year 1: PE – Seated Balance

Today in PE, Year 1 have been working on their seated balance by lifting hands and feet off the ground. We started easy with one hand lifted off the ground, followed by one hand and one foot. Then we tried the tricky part of both hands and feet off the ground whilst trying to keep steady. That last one proved more challenging than some of us were expecting! Once we had our feet and hands raised, we tried to hold that pose for 10 seconds. Our tummy muscles were getting a real work out.

We then moved on to using our new found balancing skills to play some games. We first had to lift a bean bag up from the floor and pass it from one hand to the other and place it down on the other side. This was tricky to do whilst staying balanced. We then had a try of something similar. We lifted a bean bag, crossed our arm over to the other side and placed it down using the same arm. We then finished off with a group game. We had to pass the bean bag to each other whilst in our balanced position. This was REALLY tricky to do as the added throwing motion really knocked us off balance.

Well done Year 1. You all really tried hard to perfect you balance even when you found it challenging. Da iawn!

Just as a reminder, tomorrow we will be continuing our forest school activities so please remember to come with suitable clothing to change in to and your wellies!