Year 1: Muddy Monday

735D5CF2-911C-4FDE-A3B2-A3217D91E6EA.jpeg4F74E589-BB8D-4F7B-91E7-6C1D6B45B385.jpegA9B6822E-6A7C-4B29-BF8E-202BF74382D5.jpegDD18FC66-6082-44FD-9F67-7C779A06FF34.jpeg11231907-0818-4168-8B4A-242D6D4E09A2.jpeg27CA3E82-CFAB-4F1E-BFBB-EBFA05AEF8B4.jpeg Today for Muddy Monday we listened to the parable of the Wiseman and the Foolish man. We then went outside to build our own houses made from sand, rocks and mud. Once we worked together to build our houses we then tested them against a flood. Only the rock house managed to withstand the flood. We talked about making sensible choices and the right decision.