Year 1: Monday 6th July

Good morning, hope you are all well.

Activities this week:

  1. Can you think of a minibeast that begins with each letter of the alphabet. If you struggle to think of one you can research them (maybe you could discover a minibeast not very well known) or you can think of an animal in general to help you complete the alphabet. 
  2. Choose a minibeast from your list and put it into a sentence using our sentence skills we have been learning about during online learning (capital letters, simple punctuation, connectives and an adjective). Aim to complete about 3 sentences.
  3. Using j2 code, program the butterfly to fly around the flowers. Think of directions so forward, backward, left and right. Maybe you could plan your movements and then try to recreate them or even have a grown up plan one that you have to follow. 
    To access this program log into hwb – just 2 easy – j2 code – JIT (has a picture of a turtle) – under templates scroll down to flowers 
  4. Mindfulness Patterns can you doodle and create a pattern? See the example attached. You can use the templates attached or feel free to create your own by starting with a big squiggle that you can then fill in with patterns. *Please note* This mindfulness patterns activity will be completed in school for those attending the check in sessions but I wanted to make it available for all of our Year 1 friends to enjoy. 
Please note there will be no activity update this week as we welcome some of you back to school for our check in sessions. I am still contactable on google classroom should any problems arise.  We look forward to seeing you again soon! 
Have a lovely week 
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams