Year 1: Monday 31st January

Bore da!
We have a fun week planned in year 1 this week. We have begun by measuring the snake and lizard we left in the water tray over the weekend. We made some predictions before measuring them. We were very surprised to see how long the snake had grown, and the lizard grew too!
This week our focus is measuring. The pupils will all take part in a practical measuring activity on Monday and Tuesday where they will be measuring the different length crocodiles. On Wednesday and Thursday they will continue to work in their Abacus workbooks, starting the measuring lessons.
We have our reading and phonics lessons each morning. This week our phonics sound to practise is ‘ai.’
As it it Chinese New Year, we will be looking at where the rainforests in China are and what animals live there. There will also be a selection of tiger activities, as it it the year of the tiger.
This week our theme is ‘teulu’ which means ‘family.’ We will practise the names each day and encourage pupils to use the new language throughout the week.
It is prayer week and our focus is compassion. Compassion is one of our five values. We will talk about who loves us and how we know. We will also be spreading kindness in our class by giving each other compliments. We all have the power to make people feel happy, loved and appreciated. We should aim to make people feel happy by being kind and positive. Look for the good in people and pick them up! 
😊 PE kits on Wednesday please
😊 Fresh air Friday _ warm, old clothes
😊 Reading books returned each Monday
Also, please remember to keep your children by you at the end of the day. Please don’t let them run ahead as we need to be following the one-way system and staying 2m apart. Diolch