Year 1: Monday 29th June

Hello I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Activities this week are:

  1. Create a fact file or a short PowerPoint about your favourite minibeast. This will involve researching to find out facts about your minibeast. 
  2.  Odd and Even numbers 
    Follow the link to watch the video to explain what odd and even numbers are.
    (even numbers can be shared evenly between 2 people, odd numbers cannot). Then have a go at playing the game Coconut Odd or Even on Topmarks, again the link is below. 
    Extra challenge: You could even have a go at sorting odd and even numbers out by listing all of the odd numbers up to 20 and all of the even numbers up to 20. 
3. On Purple Mash I have set a 2do (the red clipboard in the corner). I would like you to create your own made up minibeast. Take care with your choices as we will be using your minibeast later on in the week for further activities. 
Stay safe
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams