Year 1: Monday 23rd May

Bore da!
We hope that you all had a lovely weekend. It is a shame that our ‘city’ did not win at Wembley yesterday, but I’m sure we’re all proud of them.
Here is our plan for the week ahead:
Dydd Llun = We will be completing our entries for the Friends of Ruabon colouring competition. This will be judged at the community Platinum Jubilee event, which will take place on Saturday 4th June. Some pupils are also going to use empty boxes to build Buckingham Palace. 

Dydd Mawrth = We will be practising our Platinum Jubilee song and adding more BSL to it too, which was the pupils’ idea. We will also be making Union Jack pinwheels. 

Dydd Mercher = PE day (please come dressed in sports clothing). The Queen and many members of the Royal Family are football fans. We will look at some of their favourite teams and find their stadiums on Google Earth, then have a mini football tournament.

Dydd Iau = We will perform and record the Jubilee song to share with you on Google Classroom. We will also be making a per chains to decorate our classroom ready for a final celebration day on Friday.

Dydd Gwener = PARTY DAY! Can the children please come to school in party clothes, dressed as princes or princesses or in red, white and blue. We will be having more fun activities in the morning and then a garden party with the other foundation phase classes in the afternoon. 

We will do all we can to give the children a fun week to remember,

Miss Harper and Mrs Cheetham