Year 1: Monday 22nd November

Pnawn da,

We have had a great start to the week. Here are some of the things we will be learning about this week:

Guided reading and phonics: The groups are showing improvement already with reading in a group. We have been practising taking turns and listening when others are reading. Our sound for the week is ‘a.’ Last week we focussed on ‘s,’ can you remember some of the words starting with s?

Maths: In our number work this week we are finding different pairs of numbers to make 5.

Themau: Our superhero topic is in full swing and we’ve got another fun week planned! This week we are using our cape designs and developing them to create heroes and villains. We have started to use the word mats to find words to describe our characters.

Story: We read Superworm for the first time today. This week and next the children will be presented with different challenges based on this book and its characters.

PE: We will be playing the superhero throwing game again this week. I wonder if anyone can beat their score from last week!

Fresh air Friday: Can you find all of the tricky words badges? The pupils will play the reading game Monday and Tuesday and the words will then be on display in our phonics area for the rest of the week. Similar badges will be hidden around our forest school for the pupils to find. If you find one and read it correctly, you keep the badge and win a prize. Good luck!

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Harper, Mrs Cheetham and Mrs Probin

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