Year 1: Monday 1st June

Hello I hope you all had a lovely half term and took some time out to relax and have fun after all of your hard work. Myself and Mrs Williams are missing you all! 

This weeks activities are:

  1. I want you to tell me about something exciting/fun that you did during half term. I would like to see your handwriting and I am looking for capital letters, full stops and connectives in our sentences (one of our recent learning activities). I am not expecting a full page of writing although a minimum of 3 sentences would be great to read! Perhaps you could use the who, what, where, when, why and how questions to help you include detail in your sentences. 
  2.  I have set a couple of games on Abacus Active Learn for you to complete. Please don’t feel like you have to complete them all this week. 
  3. Our new topic this term will be minibeasts, I would like you to use google to search for a picture of your favourite minibeast. I would then like you to draw me a picture of your favourite minibeast. Take your time to look at the details of the minibeast such as how many legs it has, does it have wings and any patterns it may have on its body. 
  4. I would like you to read a book, newspaper, magazine, eBook etc. It can be anything you like that you will enjoy reading. 
Make sure you get outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. 
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams