Year 1: Monday 18th May

Hello I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 
Activities this week:

  1. Thankfulness – Write a prayer about what you are thankful for. Aim to write at least three things. For example,  in these unusual times I am sure many of us are thankful for technology to allow us to communicate with family members we cannot see right now.

  2. Measuring – Go on a hunt around your house to find 5 things that are longer than your shoe and 5 things that are shorter than your shoe. You can write them out and draw them, take photos of them or you can do the hunt and then video yourself comparing the lengths. If you are wanting an extra challenge you can measure them using a ruler too. You can decide how to complete it.
3. Keeping fit – Last week we looked at emotional well-being I want to continue that theme this week with yoga. In school we have done Cosmic Kids Yoga following the video on YouTube so we know what to do. I would like you to complete a Cosmic Kids Yoga Video and you can choose which one you like to do. I would like you to write down the clip you have completed. If you are on google classroom just leave a comment telling me which one you have enjoyed doing. 
4. Selfie – We have enjoyed seeing a lot of your smiley faces and from some of the answers I have received to your work last week I can see that you enjoy using the ipad and generally using technology. This week I would like you to take a selfie when you are doing something fun or exciting that you would like to share with us. If you are on google classroom you can upload them. Try to explain to your grown up the important things to remember about posting online. We do not use or share personal information, make sure we know who it is, do we really know them or are they pretending to be a friend (remember our story of digiduck) and always be kind!
**Make sure you get a grown up to help you and check your selfie before you do anything with it.**

I will update you again on Wednesday.
Stay safe
Miss Hughes