Year 1: learning from home

Hello please find below the suggested activities that have been set for Year 1’s Home Learning. I have attached a picture of the worksheets to make it easier.

1. Phonics sheet (first side only complete sounds s- qu)
Maybe you could go on a hunt around your house looking for objects with these sounds in? Then have a go at spelling them on the sheet.

2. Handwriting book (complete letters a – f)
Remember tall letters, lazy letters and short letters.
You could try to do them using rainbow writing.

3. Numeracy (Great Fire of London colour by number)
Remember to check what colours you need before you start and the big number goes in our head and the little number on our fingers.

4.Topic/literacy diary
Keep a diary of things you do this week. Remember to put the days of the week in the correct order. (Search on YouTube for the days of the week song by the the singing walrus to remind you).
You could keep the diary on the lined paper in your pack or you could log onto hwb.
hwb – just2easy- jit5 – write – and then type your diary.

There’s is no right or wrong way to do things these are simply suggestions. More activities will be uploaded on Wednesday so you have plenty of time to mix and match your chosen activities from the suggestions above.

Have a great day!

Miss Hughes