Year 1: Leaf mystery

I am sure that you have heard all about the mystery of the leaves that has been happening in our class. Well, today we had a BIG surprise! 
Yesterday, after we’d finished painting, the class had an idea to set a trap using the left over paint. We have been trying to work out how the leaves were put on our ceiling and who put them there. So, we placed the plates of paint across the door to catch them. And do you know what … this morning there was a trail of footprints outside of our class.
We investigated them and discovered that there were two different sets of prints. We looked at them closely and decided one was from a bird and the other was paw prints.  The bird must have flown away because the prints disappeared, but the paw prints took us somewhere. We followed them around the den building to find they stopped at a cardboard house that 4 pupils made yesterday. Whatever it was, was not there anymore. However, it had made a bed so we think it will come back to visit again. 
I wonder if the leaves will continue to change colour over the weekend.