Year 1: Home Learning Weekly Overview

Hello and a happy new year! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break.
As you may be aware I will be sharing work on Google Classroom daily. To give you an idea of some of the activities we are going to be completing I have created this overview for you.
Obviously, our favourite part of coming back after Christmas is listening to all the exciting news you have to share with us, whether that is how you spent your Christmas day or what you got for Christmas. Now to make sure you can still do that we have set a writing activity up where you can write all about your Christmas holidays. Also, as it is a new year, we would normally share with each other our hopes and wishes and reflect on the year gone so there is a writing activity for you to share that with us too.  We look forward to reading these, but could I please remind you that it is the children’s independent writing we are looking for and their sounding out. We do not expect to see perfect spelling if the child has sounded the word out phonetically we will be able to read what they have written. 
Also, in literacy, there is an alphabet task I would like you to complete and I have set tasks for you to simply read a book to continue improving your reading skills. If you have time to go over the phonics word mats and the Super Power Words that were sent home that would be great too! 
In maths you will be using topmarks to ease you back into your numbers before attempting to create your own 100 square and then moving onto the 100 Square Challenge! I would like you to take care of your numbers and try your best to make sure they face the correct way. 

We are going to be bringing our current topic of Super Worm and Superheroes to a close this week so as the week progresses there will be activities related to Super Worm and Superheroes. You will have the chance to design your own superhero cape, create a lost poster for Super Worm and complete a Superhero Poster to explain to any villains (like Wizard Lizard) what our 5 Golden Rules are at St Marys. To finish off the topic we are going to use FlipGrid (which can be found on your child’s Hwb page) to share our favourite part of this topic with each other. 
Have fun and stay safe
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams