Year 1: Home Learning Wednesday 10th June

Me and Mrs Williams have been very impressed by all of your efforts this week and we have enjoyed reading all of your research about minibeasts. You make excellent detectives. 
Activities today are:
  1. Write 2A sentences about minibeasts of your choice. Aim to write at least 3 sentences. 
    (A 2A sentence consists of 2 adjectives before a first noun, followed by 2 more adjectives before the second noun).
    For example:
    He was a small, fluffy dog in a huge, messy garden.
    The big, red bus went down the long, narrow road.
    The little, slimy slug ate delicious, green vegetables. 
  2. The Cautious Caterpillar Reasoning Cards
    Me and Mrs Williams have been making sums and we need your help to check if we have done them right or not and explain why. You are the best at helping us so I know you will manage this activity well. To help you record this activity you can provide us with our wrong answers and explain why they are wrong. 
  3.  Minibeast Rock Bugs
    Decorate a stone to look like a minibeast of your choice. You could add wings or legs on to it to make it life like. If you search on google there are plenty of examples if you are struggling for ideas. 
  4.  Cosmic Kids Yoga
    On YouTube type in Cosmic Kids Yoga The Very Hungry Caterpillar and complete the yoga session. 
Have a lovely weekend
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams