Year 1: Home Learning Monday 8th June

Hello I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We were very impressed by the wildlife detective badges we saw last week. I am sure you have all done very well. You are working so hard and it is great to see.  

Activities this week:

  1. Wildlife Detectives Mission 1:
    Using your wildlife detective badge, go on a minibeast hunt and use the sheet below to record your findings.
    Look at your findings and write down which was the most popular minibeast habitat and which was the least popular? Extra challenge: Present your results in a graph if you wish to display how many creatures were found at each location. (for example, 3 – on the bark, 2 – in the sky etc)
  2. Wildlife Detectives Mission 2:
    As a wildlife detective you need to research to make sure you know our creatures. Choose 2 questions from the list below to research and find out the answer. 
  3. Phonics – igh, ie and i-e
    Choose a word that contains one of the sounds above and put it into a sentence. Do this for each sound. At the end you should have 3 sentences (1 with a igh word in it , 1 with a ie word in it and 1 with a i-e word in it). Remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Try and include connectives in each sentence if you can. If you wish to draw pictures too you can. 
Have fun detectives!
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams.