Year 1: Home Learning Monday 15th June

Hello I hope you all had a lovely weekend despite the unpredictable weather! Once again, thank you for all the activities you are completing and sharing with me (and each other) on google classroom. I think the children are enjoying showing off their hard work and achievements to their friends because that is something we would do in class. 
Activities this week are:
  1. Interview a family member about minibeasts. Possible questions could include
    What is your favourite minibeast? Why?
    Which minibeast do you not like? Why?
    Can you share a fact about a minibeast?
    If you could be any minibeast which would you be? Why? 
    You can video it, voice record it or write down their answers it is up to you.
  2.  We are investigating symmetry. I would like you to try and create your own symmetrical butterfly using natural materials or other objects you may find. You might like to include 2D shapes or repeating patterns. 
  3.  Create a minibeast garden using natural materials. It can be as simple as creating a pile of leaves somewhere quiet and away from the wind to moving a pile of stones for them to crawl under. You can make it as big or as little as you like. There are plenty of suggestions on google if you search how to make a minibeast garden. 
  4. ICT – Create your own butterfly on Purple Mash. I will set it as a 2DO.
Have fun and stay safe
Miss Hughes