Year 1: Home Learning 20th May

Hope you are all well?
Activities for the rest of this week are:
Phonics: We enjoy watching Geraldine the Giraffe on YouTube. I would like you to create your own videos like Geraldine for the phonic sounds ee, ea and ey. They all make the same sound when we say them (bee, tea, key) but we write them differently. It can be a video of you hunting around the house to find items featuring these sounds or you can do the hunt and then video the items all gathered together, showing them. If you want to get a puppet or a teddy involved as well that is fine make it as fun as you like. If you do not want to do a video you can take photos of the items or draw pictures it is up to you.
Maths: On Monday we looked at things that were longer and shorter than your shoe. Now we are going to look at weight. I would like you to find 5 things that are heavier and 5 things that are lighter than a tin of food out of your cupboard (beans, spaghetti etc). Again you can take photos of them or you can draw/list them. For an extra challenge, if you would like to have a go at weighing them using scales that is great too. 
Science: I have attached some science experiments below that you can do if you wish. Please do not feel like you have to do them all pick and choose which you think will be more fun. 
Also I would like you to reflect on this week and either write down or tell someone what has made you happy this week? You could even ask someone in your house what has made them happy? On google classroom I have set this as a question. 
Have a lovely half term, stay safe and try to enjoy the sunshine! 
Miss Hughes 

pdf icon Dissolving-Experiment-.pdf
pdf icon Fireworks-in-a-Glass.pdf
pdf icon Fun-With-Density.pdf