Year 1: Home Learning 13th July

Hello I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was great to see some and hear off some of the children last week.

Activities this week are:

  1. Memories of Year 1 – I would like you to complete the questions based on our time in Year 1 so we can look back and see how much fun we had! Remember full sentences please.
  2.  Estimation – I have set some activities on Abacus Active Learn about estimating. Please complete them, one is a warm up level the second is more difficult. Your other estimating activity is the photo attached on here. It is something you might recognise and I want you to estimate how many items are in the jar! 
  3.  Summer Sunglasses – Draw in the sunglasses what you would like to do during the summer holidays. I know I would like to visit a beach if it is safe to do so!
Thank you
Miss Hughes and Mrs Williams