Year 1: Fresh-air Friday

We had so much fun this afternoon! We started by trying to open some conkers. The children tried different ways to break through to find the conker inside. 
We explorered the different plants and found that the different leaves had different smells. Some were a lot nicer than others! I think mint was our favourite.
Some of the girls were digging and at first they were finding lots of worms, but then they found some treasure. They knew it was a coin but didn’t know what type. It was very muddy so we washed it in some warm, soapy water. They were so surprised when I told them that it was a half penny from 1940. 
Some of the children made some mud that looked like mortar. I think they were copying the buildings who were laying the bricks on the new houses. 
In the treehouse and kitchen, they were making different recipes. I saw some amazing teamwork and it looked great fun.