Year 1: Book Bags

Hello, book bags have come home today. As there will not be enough time next week to quarantine the bags, change them over and send them home again, please could you keep them at home and return them on Monday 10th May as you normally would. It is ok to read the same book more than once however, if the children would like to try and read one of their own books as well that is perfectly fine. 
If you could please take the time to continue practising their Superpower words too that would be great. We are seeing a huge improvement in the reading and writing of our Superpower words so thank you very much for your hard work.  
Finally, in the book bags today is a maths sheet. This lists some ideas of activities you can play to help the children with number recognition. It is an ongoing activity that you can keep at home to keep practising with.
Thank you very much for your support.
Miss Hughes