Tasks for week beginning 11th May

Bore da,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here are your activities for the start of the week.
Literacy (also on Google Classroom) Make a list of all of the characters in Cinderella. Talk about each character with someone at home. Say what they are like and what you think of them. Then rank the characters in order of nicest to meanest. Copy the diamond ranking grid into your book or print it out. Next to each character name write one word to describe them according to where they are ranked. For example someone near the top may be kind, someone near the bottom may be selfish. Do it using information from the story rather than just your own opinion of them. This activity is all about understanding characters based on what you read about them. 
Have a go at doing this for the characters in some of your favourite books.
Numeracy (also on Google Classroom) Use what you learned last week about multiplication arrays. Use arrays to help you to solve the word problems. Draw an array (do this on paper if needed) to answer the problem.
Can you make up some of your own word problems to solve using multiplication arrays?
Times tables practise: use J2blast to practice your times tables. You will find this on the home screen of J2E. Levels 1-4 all focus on 2,5 and 10 times tables.  See if you can beat your score. 
I have also set a game on Abacus for you to have a go at over the following week. Please don’t forget to log onto your Abacus account and complete the time game set on there a couple of weeks ago. 
History (also on Google Classroom) Research castles. Can you label all of the parts of the castle? Don’t worry if you can’t find all of the parts, just label as many as you can.
PE I have attached some fun Castles themed PE games. Have a look at them and adapt them as necessary to play at home. One is similar to dodgeball which I know Year 2 love 🙂 
The weather isn’t meant to be as nice this week but try to get outside as much as you can. In our house we have been hunting through the toy box to find toys that we haven’t played with for a long time. Then we’ve taken them into the garden and played outside with them. My girls have said that it is like having a whole load of new toys! Maybe you could have a hunt right down at the bottom of your toy box and find something that you haven’t played with for ages!
Have a good start to the week. I will update you again on Wednesday Mrs Williams 

pdf icon parts-of-a-castle.pdf
pdf icon Diamond-Ranking.doc.pdf
pdf icon multiplication-word-problems-2.pdf
pdf icon King-of-the-pin-PE.pdf
pdf icon The-Gauntlet-run-PE-game.pdf