Reception:Commotion in the Ocean

Bore da Frindiau
We hope you are all keeping well, enjoying some time outside and haven’t been blown away by the strong winds!
This week there is a Commotion in the Ocean!
Listen to the story Commotion in the Ocean on the link below
What was your favourite creature in the story?
Can you remember any of the other animals you met in the story?
 Can you find and count the sea creatures in the picture?
You could use lots of colours to make a lovely sea creature picture.    .Outlook-eria1nx1.jpg
Can you draw your favourite under water sea creature and tell us all about it and why you like it?

Can you create a new under water sea creature? 
You could use the templates to help you

​In the story we meet some penguins and polar bears they live on the ice. 
Place some ice cubes in a bowl of water, imagine theses are icebergs. 
 Do they float or sink?  What happens to them? 
Make some coloured ice cubes using squash and repeat the activity?  What happens to the icebergs.

Enjoy the activities, keep smiling and we cant wait to see you all soon and hear all your news.

Mrs Phoenix, Mrs Broadhurst, Miss Maymond, Mrs Jones, Mrs Probin, Miss Scott 😍😊