Reception: Weekly Roundup!

This week has been full of wonderful Winter work! ❄️☃️
From writing our letters in the snow (shaving foam!!), to exploring blocks of ice and rescuing the frozen animals, to making symmetrical patterns with winter loose parts, we have been very busy and engaged in our learning. Learning through our play is just so much fun! #healthy, confident individuals. 
We have been focusing on our numbers to 10 and checking we can order and recognise them all, with the help of some little penguins!! Number 2 and 5 have been tricky but we have been persevering and using rhymes to help with our formation. Here is a link to a game you could try at home for more number practise.
#ambitious, capable learners. 
Following our Winter walk, where we spotted lots of signs of Winter, we made a class prayer to say thank you for all the special things we see in winter. We hung our lovely ideas on our winter prayer tree. #ethical, informed citizens. 
Check out our fabulous winter art work, made by colour mixing different shades of blue. They look fabulous on our class display in our winter corner. 
Mrs. Phoenix is getting excited for next week’s focus which will be all about looking after animals in winter. We will be making bird feeders and taking part in the RSPCA bird watch event. We can’t wait to get bird spotting!! 🐦🕊️ If you want to join in the the Bird Watch at home too, you can sign up following this link. 
We hope you all have a lovely weekend and can’t wait for more Winter fun next week. 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Broadhurst, Miss Maymond, Miss Scott and Miss Golby ☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️