Reception: Weekly Roundup!

Da iawn everyone for another fantastic week in Reception class. 🤩🤩🤩
You have been so thoughtful when learning about poppy day and your poppy artwork looks beautiful on our classroom wall. # enterprising, creative contributors
We have counted with poppies too and ordered sizes of different poppies, looking at taller and shorter. #ambitious, capable learners. 
Phonics has been lots of fun as we are adding to the letters that we know now. We have been using our listening ears to hear different sounds in our ‘What’s in the Box? ‘game. 
Next week, we are looking forward to having Pudsey day and our week will have a Bear theme as we go on a Bear Hunt!! 🐻🔎 It’s one of our favourite stories so we just can’t wait! 
We have rounded the week off with our favourite toys for Golden Time to reward all our hard work. 
Have a fantastic weekend everyone and we will see you all on Monday. 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Broadhurst, Miss Maymond, Mr. Hall and Mrs Golby