Reception: Weekly Roundup!

This week has been full of colour, excitement and music as we have enjoyed celebrating Bonfire Night. 
We learnt a special poem called ‘Crick Crack’ and loved performing it with actions. We used instruments to add sound effects like bangs and twinkles! #Enterprising, creative contributors.
We experiemented with different paint techniques to create our own fantastic firework pictures. We also learnt about staying safe and drew pictures to show others on a poster, what to do on Bonfire Night. # ethical, informed citizens. 
We have enjoyed our first Pen Disco where we boogie along to music, making different patterns on our paper. This will help us as we learn to form our letters. We have also loved using chalk and glitter this week to make marks and letter shapes. #ambitious, capable learners. 
Welly Wednesday was lots of fun in the mud! It really is our favourite time of the week to explore outside and learn in the fresh air, taking turns with our friends. #healthy, confident individuals.
Next week, we will be thinking about Poppy Day. We will get creative making our own poppies and will learn about why we have this special day. 
We are looking forward to Pudsey Day next Friday too and will be having lots of fun bear related activities! 
Welly Wednesday will be on as usual and PE on Thursday with Mr. Hall. 
Well done everyone for bringing your reading books back this week and thank you parents for commenting in their diary. It’s nice to hear the comments that children are enjoying talking about their new reading books. 
We hope everyone has a lovely weekend and keeps warm and safe if you are out and about watching fireworks. 🎇✨
See you all on Monday, 
Mrs. Phoenix, Miss Maymond, Mrs. Broadhurst, Mr. Hall, Miss Scott and Mrs. Golby😀😀😀😀😃