Reception: Weekly round up!

We have had a very colourful week in Reception as we embarked on our new topic all about Spring.🌈🌷🐞
We have read a beautiful story called ‘How can I make a rainbow?’ and used this as a starting point to look for signs of Spring. 
We have made some vibrant rainbow dream catchers, hunted for rainbow colours in the fresh air and experimented with creating our own rainbows with water and felts and even sweets!! We have been busy learning the Enfys song in Welsh too. #enterprising, creative contributors. 
We have also been very busy in our new class ‘Vets’ role play corner. We have been very caring with our little pets and been making them feel much better. We are learning all about what animals need. 
#ambitious, capable learners. 
Next week, we will be busy learning about the Frog Life Cycle as we watch our class frog spawn develop! We cant wait to find out more about them! 🐸🐸🐸
Have a lovely weekend everyone and we will see you all next week. 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Broadhurst, Miss Maymond and Miss Scott 🌈🌈🌈🌈