Reception: Update

Bore da Pawb. It’s another very Wintry day out there so I hope everyone is keeping warm. Did you all have chance to play in the snow and make some memories? I hope so!
Here are a few more activities to keep you busy at home. You could try the Snow day Bingo and see how many you could complete in the snow! 

For this activity, you will need lots of socks!!!! 
Next week, we will be looking at longer and shorter in school. Ask a family member to lie on the floor. Lay a line of socks next to them to measure how many socks long they are. Can you write the number down? See if they can measure how many socks long you are too! Who is longer and who is shorter? Repeat measuring a different person or objects from round your house! 
See if you can follow the link below to practise some more of your sounding out. 
Letter formation 
It’s fun to practise writing your letters. You can use pencils/ felts/ paints and paper or you could try something different too.
You will need a large kitchen tray and some flour or salt. Sprinkle the tray with the flour (not too much!) and then get busy using your finger to write your letters. Use the video/ music below to help you form each one. 
Looking for fun printable activities? Learning proper letter formation is extremely important, particularly for any child with a learning difficulty. When children try to write, they have to cope with many skills at the same time: – sound/letter association (What letter will make the sound I need?) – how to form the …

Winter Workout
Here is a Yoga workout for you to try about Winter animals. 
A burst of high energy Cosmic Kids yoga set to a wintry dance beat! 🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app: ⭐ Subscribe to the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel: ————- Join Jaime for Super Yoga! Just do the yoga pose that appears in the Bubble Collector. This is great for …

Friday is always Golden Time in Reception too so make sure you have lots of fun with some of your favourite toys and activities. Perhaps you could snuggle up with your favourite film and enjoy some hot chocolate!
Have a lovely weekend and we can’t wait to hear all about your snow adventures on Monday! 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Broadhurst, Mrs. Evans and Miss Scott